15 July Coup: End of the Western Hegemony on Muslim World

03/01/2018    Yazarlarımız Ömer DEMİRDAŞ English   

15 July Coup: End of the Western Hegemony on Muslim World

Turkey has witnessed the most bloody coup attempt of the Republic period on 15 July 2016. FETO or The Terrorist Organization of Fethullah Gülen played active role in this failed coup attempt. The Police Headquarter, Special Operation Department of Police, Presidential Complex, Head of National Intelligence Agency, Grand National Assembly of Turkey and lots of other important centers were hit by this terrorist organization. Nearly 250 innocent people died and more than 2190 people has injured. Although Turkey has witnessed 1960, 1971, 1980 and 1997 post-modern coup in its history, it was the first time that the putschist soldiers killed the innocent civil people and bombed the Assembly while they were attempting the coup.

When we analyzed this terrorist organization, we can easily realize that there is no relation between this terrorist group and Islam. Their life style is incompatible with Islamic rules and they do not support any Islamic movement in the world. In Mavi Marmara event, for example, Gülen directly supported Israel and accused Turkish government and civil organization that arranged the help organization to Palestine. Besides, they accused the Palestinian people being terrorists in their struggle against Israel. Similar events have also lived inside Turkey. While the post-modern 28 February Coup conditions were living, they accused the Erbakan’s government and supported the military in Turkey. While all of the other religious communities suffered from 28 February coup, the Gülenist movement continued to grow. In fact, one of the invisible hands has been protecting this terrorist group both in Turkey and other part of the world. Otherwise, it is impossible to grow inside the country and to open new school in 171 countries in the world, while all of the other Islamic communities were suffering in Turkey.

The main feature of Gulenist people is their Machiavellian character. In spite of the fact that they seemed as if religious organization, they did not perform lots of the Islamic rules in their life, at least in visible place. Instead, they can perform forbidden actions of Islam to hide themselves. For example, lots of them did not pray in visible place, they can drink alcohol, most of their women did not wear headscarf, and they could easily slander other people to disqualify them in political, economic or social life. In fact, what they claim and what they do is completely different from each other. Up until 2010s, nearly every conservative citizen assumed that they were working for the benefit of Turkey. They believe that their school and other organizations will help Turkey and Muslim world in their development. However, especially after 17/25 December events, everybody directly saw that their main aim was to capture the state wholly. Thanks to Allah, they failed nearly all attempts since 2013.

Today, it is obviously seen that USA, UK, western countries and Israel are the main protectors of this illegal terrorist organization in the world. Before the 15 July coup, most of the Turkish citizens also knew that unless the support of Mossad and CIA were taken, it was impossible to open new school nearly all part of the world. However, 15 July event openly shows that this Gülenist terror organization is the tongs of the west and has been directly working for the interest of USA, UK, Israel and other western countries.
Since the beginning of the Arab spring in Middle East countries, the western countries have been trying to destabilize the Sunni Muslim countries. As being the heir of the Ottoman State and has been growing strongly since the establishment of the Justice and Development Party in 2002, the fear of the western countries resurgence again against Turkey. Since Turkey is the strongest country of the Sunni world and Turkish people are the sons of the Ottomans, which ruled nearly all Muslim societies at about the 6 century, every western intellectual and politicians knows that awakening movement can only be successful with the leadership of Turkey. They know that when Turkey becomes stronger, the other Muslim societies will also follow that country. As a result, their unjust world system will collapse. Because their world system was mainly established on to exploit Muslims and other poor countries. Besides, the western countries openly know that Turkish people deal with all of the aggrieved people in the world. This situation will also spoil their game in other parts of the world. Therefore, the western countries, especially USA, UK and Israel, have been trying to prevent the development of Turkey.

While western countries have been trying to destabilize Turkey and Muslim countries, they use some terrorist organization such as PKK, DAESH and FETO. Among the all terrorist organization the most dangerous one is the FETO. Because, as mentioned, FETO members look like chameleon and can easily change their color and opinion to obtain their goal. Except for F. GULEN’s instructions, they have no religious or ethical value in their life. FETO members also receive professional help from foreign intelligence agency and their education level is over the average Muslim societies. All of these properties increased the western countries’ appetite to use them against Turkey and other Muslim countries. Up until now, with the help of Allah, all of the game of western countries was destroyed in Turkey. The coup attempt also help Turkey to unify all of its citizens against enemy and this unification will make Turkey a super power in two or 3 decades both in Muslim societies and other part of the world.  

All of these failed attempts also demonstrate that the hegemony of the western world has been finishing in the world. 15 July is the official date of the hegemony termination of the western world. Today, western population is getting older and economic situation has been worsening since the 2008 global economic crisis. I believe that the biggest economic crisis will be experienced in western countries in 5 or 10 years. Today EU has been collapsing and economic power of the world has been shifting to the east. To stop or to delay all of this development, western countries create artificial terrorist organization, such as DAESH, to unify their citizens and to destabilize the Middle East. However, all of this action will turn themselves with pains.

In conclusion, today 300 years of western hegemony has been destroying. Therefore,  new and fair world system will be established under the leadership of Turkey in the near future. However, there is no painless birth in the human being life. All of living pains are the pioneer pains and the real birth pain will be much more difficult than we have experienced up to now. Although Israel and West have failed to overthrow the Erdogan and to stop Turkey’s development, they will never give up. Doubtless, they will try to prevent the development and leadership of Turkey again and again. They will never want to give up exploitation in Muslim world by themselves. Therefore, Turkey and all Muslim societies should be ready every kind of pain (including war) and should increase the unification between Muslim brothers. Moreover, Turkey and other Muslim states accelerate the domestic technologic development as soon as possible. They should produce their own weapons by using domestic facilities. Otherwise, the birth pangs could be much more painful. However, whatever they do, they cannot succeed to stop Turkey’s development and Muslim world’s unification. I believe that all of western countries attempts will only accelerate the end of the western hegemony in the world. All of this event will be realized not more than two decades in the world.


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